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Updated: May 28, 2020


by Laxmi Parmeswar

Here’s a story about my Neighbor Joe

More unreal than a fictional TV show!

A blast of a 6000 square foot structure

Shattered, homeless Joe at this juncture

An unprecedented propane tank explosion

Destroying every photo & personal possession

A home filled with happy times and memories

Why is life filled with unexpected tragedies?!

Joe’s door weighing on my unsuspecting roof

His house disappearing in mere minutes- poof!

My home invaded with his debris in every room

My life changed, a small wish for a magic broom

Taking an online test with deep concentration

Witnessing an inexplicable insidious devastation

Being part of a real crime scene investigation

Shaking the core of my very human foundation

Being escorted by a compassionate stranger

Quickly removed from the scene of danger

Kudos to all the police and fire personnel

Calling frantically on my low charged cell

This looks like a war ravaged city

So much destruction, what a pity

Trying to make some sense of it all

Dodging people- reporters and all

Stricken with grief over our Uncle Vinod

Waiting for the facts to slowly unfold

Pretending to be so fearless and bold

Thankfully no human fatalities I’m told

Dealing with the insurance adjuster

Requiring a stronger stress buster

Lots of patience, needing to muster

Restoring my home back to its luster

Why am I feeling much older

The weather is getting colder

Your emails, phone calls and shoulder

Make me feel tall, my spirit bolder

Finding purpose, the meaning of life

Amidst all this struggle and strife

Normalcy slashed with a sharp knife

Lot to accomplish, I need a wife!

Here’s some unsolicited advice

From my powerful inner voice

Just hug your kids a little bit tighter

Keep your soul and heart a lot lighter


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