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Case Summaries: Part 2

The “B. F. Abuser” Family : Mom and 3 daughters

The POI client (a daughter attending GC schools) was referred by a DYFS worker because she had experienced persistent domestic violence from the Mom’s boyfriend for approximately a year. Mom had placed a restraining order on the boyfriend. The family requested counseling for help in dealing with domestic abuse, help with getting along with one another, and setting up responsibilities for family members in the household. One of the children had attempted to commit suicide and was taken to the Kennedy Crisis Center about 9 months ago. She said the reason was because of the problems the boyfriend was causing in the family. He was also verbally and emotionally abusive to the family. He choked one of the sisters, burned hand sanitizer, which let off fumes, shaved the baby’s head and one eyebrow with a straight razor, spun the baby in the carriage, and picked up the baby by the head, swinging and throwing the baby in the air. He also pushed the mother and threatened to kill her children, in addition to choking her until she passed out. This most recent event is the one that lead the DYFS worker to refer them to Positive Outcomes and the boyfriend for mandated counseling in another town.

The POI counselor currently meets with the three sisters together and Mom separately. Sessions have focused on assigning chores in the house, getting along with each other, and school performance for the 2 older daughters. The mother just recently removed the temporary restraining order against the boyfriend and POI is working with DYFS to assess the family’s safety. The boyfriend is attending counseling elsewhere. POI has seen this family for approximately 3 months and we will continue working on abuse counseling and problem resolution. It appears that mom needs to continue counseling for a longer time to address appropriate parenting and personal/family safety issues.

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