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Case Summaries: Part 1

Client: John Doe

John is a male student in Gloucester City with ADHD who came in for anger management and homework problems. At home he would kick and punch furniture, throw things in the house, and yell and say mean things to family members. He would refuse to bring home homework and complete homework if he did bring it home. At school, he was a disturbance in the classroom and would bully some of the kids. John was referred to POI by the guidance counselor.

The POI Counselor was seeing the John for less than a month when he got in trouble through school for killing a vulnerable baby animal. When the counselor spoke with his mom about the situation, she also mentioned that he initially talked about wanting to kill himself under breath, but now was saying that he wanted to kill himself with a gun. Mom also reported that John told her and his father that he wanted to kill them on numerous, but separate occasions. She also reported to the counselor that they needed to fix the neighbor’s window because John intentionally broke it with a rock. Due to the escalating circumstances and risk level, the POI counselor told Mom and Dad to take John to the crisis center. They were afraid to do so and refused, so she invited them to come in after hours so she could meet with the three of them. They did not come to the session and were still afraid to take him to the crisis center or have a mobile response unit come to the house. They came back to the counselor’s office the next day and John admitted to everything his Mom had told the counselor the day before. He also chose to write down that he wanted to commit suicide for Mom and Dad and transitioned it into a suicide note. The POI Counselor reassured and convinced the parents that it was critical for John to get treatment by a crisis intervention team. She went over in depth the process with them, and they eventually agreed to call the mobile response unit.

John is currently receiving short term, in home crisis stabilization services and is also seeing the POI counselor twice a week.John is slowly but sure bonding with the POI Counselor and appears to be fairly responsive in accessing his feelings, managing his anger and learning more appropriate ways of dealing with his school responsibilities.

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